Ps3 trophy list not updating

14-Jul-2016 16:42

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Besides it doesn't matter if we download it later, right? That's when we found the sad, and ironic, truth: the update was under 15MB, and this is where the trouble began.

The next time we started the game, we were happy to know that trophy support had been added.

Looking through the list of available trophies we saw that there was one we already qualified for, and another we could earn momentarily.

We had already found a treasure or two, so we expected the First Treasure trophy to pop as soon as the game booted. I figured the game wasn't counting yet (which I could understand), so we started playing again and quickly found another piece of treasure, but still First Treasure did not pop.

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18/04/17 - Updated links for finding your trophy lists on the Play Station site as an update has changed things.

Did you all experience Metal Gear Solid 4 back in 2008? The Trophy system was introduced to PS3 in the middle of 2008.

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