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We rarely take the opportunity to thank you for creating such a great site.

So this is one of those rare moments I guess where I say, "thanks!

Their website has some great info and more links too! Sydney based, the Gender Centre provides services to the NSW Gender diverse community and info and resources through their website.

Gender Identity Support Group The social arm of the Melbourne Gender Centre; for anyone with gender issues, their friends and family.

:( I then realised she was a 40 something year old mum that sat on austnet all day suspending channels of spammers - quite sad.

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On the first occasion, he took photographs of the girl in lingerie at a Scarborough hotel before he raped her while her father watched.When police arrested Clegg at Perth Airport, computer hard drives found in his luggage contained more than 42,000 pornographic images of children and more than 200 videos.