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08-Aug-2016 21:44

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READ: Cost of Marrying One of China's Outnumbered Women Continues to Skyrocket The specific reason behind the massive exodus remains unclear, but it's worth nothing that Beijing recently implemented a city-wide restriction that limits single adult residents to owning just one house, a restriction that hasn't been implement in other parts of China.Other reports have shown Beijing locals to have the highest monthly salary expectations of prospective marriage partners, topping out at 15,000 yuan (USD 2,172).In my new role as Time Out’s Head of Dating, I’ll be writing a regular blog each Wednesday – statistically, the best day of the week for a date – about the ins and outs of looking for lurve.And what better subject to start with than Time Out’s own global dating survey?Data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that by the end of 2015, there were 704 million male citizens and 670 million female citizens on the Chinese mainland.On average, 114 boys were born for every 100 girls, compared to the world average of 103 to 107.

Is this the natural escalation of “foreigners behaving badly” in China?Did you happen to notice the white foreign man hovering over her?Here’s another photo from the scene – you can’t miss his blood-soaked T-shirt.Meanwhile, China's gender imbalance will mean the country will have 30 million more men than women by the year 2030.

The disappearance of unmarried Beijing adults comes at a time when China is bracing itself for the emergence of the so-called "fourth wave" of single Chinese adults.Even in the 21st century, China's average sex ratio at birth once reached as high as 121 boys to 100 girls and in some provinces, the it even climbed to an astonishing 130 boys for every 100 girls.

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